Dress Code

Dress Code/Gang-Related/Electronic Device Issues

Appearance plays a large part in how students feel about themselves and the school in general. Immodest or revealing clothing is a distraction to the learning atmosphere. Therefore, students must dress appropriately. All clothing must be in good taste. Students must be well groomed and clean. The following MINIMUM standards will serve as guidelines:

  1. Alternative Center For Education students must comply with a uniform dress code consisting of full-length, dark blue or black pants (NOT JEANS) with belt loops, or knee length dark blue or black skirts for female students, and plain white shirts or blouses (pullover style or button up style, WITH COLLAR and with sleeves). If an undershirt is worn, the undershirt must be plain white, without wording or logos.
    • All shirts or blouses will have collars and sleeves and must be long enough to stay tucked into pants or skirts at all times the student is on the school campus or riding a SDIRC bus to or from campus. Shirts or blouses may be open at the collar and first button. All other buttons are to remain buttoned while on the school campus or school bus. No bare midriff or backless shirts, blouses or tee shirts are allowed.
    • Pants or skirts will be worn on or above the waist at all times, with a visible belt line. Belts or suspenders must be worn each day and belted or adjusted so as to securely hold the top of pants on or above the waist at all times. Shorts will not be worn on campus. The only exception (if any) will be made by the school principal.
  2. Shoes fully enclosing the foot must be worn at all times. Bedroom shoes, beach shoes, clogs, sandals, flip-flops, slippers or Crocs of any type are not permissible. Shoes must be tied, buckled or the Velcro (or other) fastenings must be in place at all times, as designed by the manufacturer or as instructed by school staff.
  3. No spaghetti straps, halter-tops or sundresses will be worn. No see-through or mesh type garments may be worn and no bras or sports bras can be showing. Bras must be white so there are no conflicting colors with the white top worn. Tops of any sort that show cleavage are not permissible.
  4. Skirts must be knee length or longer, should have belt loops or the capability of being belted and dark blue (not denim) or black in color. No boxer shorts or undergarments will be exposed.
  5. Holes in pants or clothing are not allowed. Pants or skirts must be placed around and on the waist. Pants or skirts must be zipped or buttoned and closed, completely. Either belts or suspenders must be worn at all times.
  6. No hats, caps, scarves, bandannas (visible on the student/in the possession of the student), headbands, wristbands, sunglasses or jackets, sweatshirts or sweaters with hoods (HOODS OF ANY TYPE ARE NOT PERMITTED) may be worn on campus. Jackets and sweatshirts must have buttons or zippers and must be capable of being fully opened in the front. Pullover sweatshirts or jackets are not permitted. Articles of clothing that are out of dress code will be confiscated from students and will be returned to a parent or guardian, only. Students must remove any article of outer clothing at the request of school staff.
  7. Unnatural hair colors may not be worn in the hair. Students may not wear streaks, glitter or other unnatural elements in their hair. Hair weaves containing unnatural colors are not permitted.
  8. Piercings may be worn in each ear. Visible piercing in other parts of the body (tongue piercings, eyebrow piercings, lip piercings, etc.) are not permissible.
  9. Students must be fully in compliance with dress code, daily. Students out of compliance with dress code are in violation of their behavior agreement and the SDIRC Code of Student Conduct. They will not be allowed to attend classes at the Alternative Center and may not remain on the school campus. Students out of compliance with dress code will be warned, once. After that warning the student is subject to administrative discipline, including out-of-school suspension, as the second and subsequent acts will be considered defiance.
  10. No clothing or jewelry may be worn that displays profanity, gang-related symbols or phrases, sexually suggestive phrases or statements condoning alcohol, tobacco or drug use. Any jewelry that can be used as a weapon (rings covering more than one finger, or items with studs or spikes) is prohibited. If worn, necklaces must be inside the shirt or blouse. Jewelry that is worn improperly may be confiscated by school staff. The school administration reserves the right to inform any student that he or she must remove a piece or pieces of jewelry and refrain from wearing that piece or pieces of jewelry back to the school campus.
  11. Active involvement in gang activity (hand signs, "tagging", wearing or possessing gang colors, visible tattoos, admission by a student, inappropriate drawings, inappropriate ways of wearing clothing or anything else that makes school staff believe the student is representing any gang will be reported to the School Resource Officer. Gang activity in any form is prohibited on SDIRC school campuses and the A.C.E. campus, specifically. Violators will be subject to school system discipline, possible arrest and at the discretion of the State Attorney's Office, legal prosecution and placement in state and federal gang registries.
  12. No radios, music boxes, walkman, tape recorders/players, DVD/CD players, MP-3 players, I-Pods or similar devices, pagers, boom boxes or electronic devices of any type are allowed. Under Florida statute students may bring cellular telephones to school. Students may not use those telephones at any time while on campus or on SDIRC buses. Cellular telephones must be turned off while on campus or on a school bus and must be kept out-of-sight of school staff. Visible telephones will be confiscated. Students found with a telephone in the "on" mode or seen using their telephone on campus (calling, texting, photographing or listening) or school buses will receive a disciplinary consequence that can include out-of-school suspension. Telephones that ring in the classroom, halls, cafeteria or other areas of the campus will be considered a DISRUPTION OF A SCHOOL FUNCTION (legally punishable by arrest under Florida statute). These telephones will be confiscated. The student will be subject to school discipline as stated above and may be subject to arrest at the discretion of the School Resource Officer and State Attorney's Office. Confiscated telephones or other items won't be returned to students. They must be redeemed in the school office by parents or guardians and will not be allowed back on the school campus or on SDIRC bused.

The school administration reserves the right to judge the appropriateness of any student dress and to require changes in said dress or to enforce disciplinary measures for noncompliance with the dress code, a part of the Code of Student Conduct (School Board Rule 5.161 SECONDARY) and the Alternative Center for Education Behavior Agreement.

Note: Any exceptions to the Uniform Dress Code required of students assigned to the Alternative Center for Education, including exceptions allowed for students progressing in the Levels for Change program, special dress days or individual exceptions considered reasonable or prudent will be permitted by the principal or his designees, only.